"Therefore (Ego Machine)", 2017  Wardrobe, auto tune instruments, motors, foot pedal.  8' x 4 x 1'

detail "Therefore (Ego Machine)"  

"Mirror Chord", 2012  Wardrobe, paint, picture hanging wire, music gears.  Installation at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

detail "Mirror Chord", 2012

"Cultural Sustainability := Binaurally Autistic Lust", 2014  Sound Installation, fabric, music stand, mirror, glitter, poem.

"Fountain (Emotion)", 2003 Functional moonshine still, cookery, hot plate, pressure cooker, magazine rack, stool, pedestal.

"Queen of Cups", 2008  Dulcimer, water jars, water basin, mics, sound equipment.

"Dancing Squared", 2004  Kinetic sculpture, dresses, motors, % timer.

"Bun In The Oven", 1994  Kinetic sculpture, bread, heating elements, repurposed table.

"Black Oak Tree", 2007  Video and sound, water jug, fresnel lense, fabric.  4' x 3' x 3'

detail "Black Oak Tree", 2007 homemade video projection

"Ninnie's Mic", 1995 & 2003

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